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Tammi Abrams
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This is what will appear on the top of the lead capture form that the user will see. Kind of like a headline.

This would be the second row of the headline

Example text: "To help you determine what your home is worth in today's market, I offer a Free Market Evaluation. Please complete the information below for the property that you would like evaluated, and I will quickly send you the results."
"Tell me a little bit about what you are looking for in your Dream Home. This will help me to create a search based on your specific criteria and needs.  Your feedback is important to me so that I can be sure to capture only the homes that you may want to see.      font:paragraph arial

Field name 1 (replace each box with the info you would like to capture)
to insert row right click. scroll over row and
to separate into two boxes right click and choose cell and split row table cells    
To merge two cells together highlight the two cells right click and choose cells and merge table cells
click on the icon with 
the double rectangles - add name of the field,type and size. the size would be a % to make a box smaller. for example here the box is 10%. If we wanted to have a min and max for bedrooms we could add two boxes just click on the double rectangles name second field, choose type and size and click insert. 
 To Insert a Yes or No Checkbox.Click on insert form input element. under type select checkbox    To split cells right click select cell and split
To merge highligt boxes select cell and merge
If you insert a row after it will copy the same as the row above  
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